Sunday, November 22, 2015

#manlovesunday Blog hop--Ballon Fiesta

Jeff was asleep in the camp chair when Cindy and Danny returned from their flight. Cindy slapped him on the back of the head and said, “Wake up, sleepy head.”

He jumped out of his chair and immediately looked at his watch. It was nearing eight thirty, and Alex was nowhere in sight. He turned a three sixty to try to find Alex in the crowd, before he sat back down with a frown on his face. “Damn, I hope I didn’t miss him,” he muttered.

“What’s that?” Cindy asked. “You look disappointed about something.”

“It’s nothing.” He tried to sound cheerful, but it only came out sounding sad. “So how was your flight?” He tried to change the topic.

Cindy and Danny both started describing their morning flight, and Jeff had a hard time keeping up with them. Suddenly they both stopped talking at once and looked at something behind Jeff. He heard the rushed footsteps and the winded voice. “Sorry I’m late, we need to hurry to make the performance. I got a little caught up with my last interview.”

Alex was back! He hadn’t forgotten him after all. He couldn’t hide the smile on his face as he rose and turned to greet Alex. “Well let’s get going then.”

He didn’t even say good-bye to his sister as he took off with Alex. They rushed to the concert area and just managed to get there as the performance started.

They found an open spot on the grass, and Alex slipped his backpack off and unzipped a compartment. He handed the backpack to Jeff as he pulled out a vibrant, rainbow-colored Mexican style blanket. “Wow, a boy scout,” Jeff teased as Alex spread the blanket out on the grass.

“Nope, just been to tons of concerts here. One of the perks of the job really.” Alex smiled at him.

Alex sat down and motioned for Jeff to join him. The day was warming up nicely as they listened to the concert. At first they sat and watched the performance, but kept looking up toward the balloons in the sky.

 “Do you mind if I make notes for work?” Alex asked as he opened his pack again. “This is one of the downsides of the job.” He grimaced as he looked over at Jeff.

“No, go right a head. I understand.” Jeff watched as Alex occasionally made notes in a little note pad he kept with him. Jeff was the first to recline back on his elbows, using the position to check out Alex. “It’s easier to see the balloons this way.” Jeff said. “This is pretty cool. Watching the balloons and listening to music. You’re lucky that you get paid to do this.”

Alex still sat with a little note book in his lap. “I know. I love my job some times.

“Just sometimes? If I got to go to concerts just to report on them Not long after, he lay back as well, and they quietly watched the bright colors drifting above them.

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