Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Little Flash Fiction

Every once in a while I find a good writing prompt that stirs my imagination. I have a program that randomly chooses characters and goals. This one came out as:

Character 1: Norberto Barker
Goal: To marry Prince Charming
Character 2: Emmett Keck

So I wrote the following short story in the fifteen minute time set by the program. 

Norberto had been trying to obtain an invitation to the annual All Hallows eve ball for several weeks now. The Ball was in less then three days and he still hadn’t been able to gain an invitation. Rumor was that Prince Jondal was going to use the ball in his search for a husband. 

“Emmett, Why can’t you get an invitation? Did you tell the Duke who I was? I’m sure the nephew of the King of Barundal should merit an invitation.”

 “Yes, Sir Barker, I’ve tried, but apparently the list is full, and there isn’t any more room available.” 

Norberto was sure that Emmett had not talked to the proper person so he asked, “Who did you speak with? I’ve come all this way, and I need to get into that ball!”

 “I spoke directly to the Duke of Northing. There really is nothing more to be done.”

 “Thank you, Emmett. I’ve some work to do, you don’t mind seeing yourself out do you?”

 “No, of course not, sir. Let me know if you have further need of my services.” As soon as Emmett left the study, Norberto rang for his secretary.

 “Yes sir?”

 “Jessen, I have been unable to obtain an invitation to the All Hallows ball this year. I believe Mr. Keck is withholding information. Please send Salen to follow him and report his activities.” 

“Right away, sir.”

 “And one more thing, Jessen. Contact the Duke of Northing and see if Mr. Keck is correct that the list is full and no more invites are being issued.” 

“Yes sir.” Jessen left quickly to attend to his duties.


“Sir, a message has arrived from the Duke of Northing.” 

“Finally. Let me see please.” Norberto reached for the letter and began reading. “Well it looks like the Duke had been misinformed. It seems that Mr. Keck told him that I wouldn’t be available for the ball as I would be going home to Berendal. He’s corrected the mistake and included an invitation to the ball. Jessen, make sure my clothing for the ball is all in order.” 

“Yes sir.” 


The night of the ball was dark and blustery, but Norberto decided to walk to the duke’s home as it was only a block from his own residence. As he walked down the path in front of the homes, he noticed a movement in the shadows. 

Suddenly Emmett Keck stood in front of him. “I see you’ve managed to gain an invitation to the ball,” Emmett snarled. “I can’t let you go. You can’t be seen by the Prince. He’s for me, not you. I will win his favor and become his husband.” Emmett advanced on Norberto and at the last moment, Norberto noticed the large tree branch in Emmett’s hands. He lifted and swung the branch but just before it came crashing down, a large man tackled Emmett to the ground. 

“Guards! Come quickly!” The large man shouted. As the guards rushed in, he said, “Take this man into custody for assault.” He gestured towards Emmett. “He tried to kill this man with the tree branch.” Then he turned to Norberto and said, “Hello, I’m Prince Jondal. And you are?” 

“Thank you for saving me. I’m Sir Norberto Barker, nephew to King Bartholom of Berendal. I’m honored to meet you, Your Highness.”

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